Preparation – Winter Training With Peter Sagan


Preparation – Winter Training With Peter Sagan

Written by: Spencer Rathkamp

To be the World Champion three consecutive times, it requires countless hours in the saddle. These hours can be calm, they can be vigorous, but being able to continuously run the rainbow striped jersey makes it all worth it.

With a very short off-season, Peter had limited time to get fully recovered and then right back in race shape. Peter enjoys making the trip out to the deserts of California each year in order to get the training he needs. In order to be ready, the Slovakian superstar puts his head down and makes the most of every minute under the sun.


While out in California, we had the opportunity to test some revolutionary technology with Peter. He is set to race the Tour Down Under this coming week in Australia, where racing will be the final steps in the product testing effort. Pay special attention to Sagan during the race, where he may have a few tricks up his sleeve.


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