See more of what matters…passion, family, drive, team, style, collaboration, life. 100% brings together some of our most iconic athletes across multiple sports to bring you Visionaries. Showcasing the commonalities and respect they have for one another through sport and conversation. The common denominator of these athletes is their drive to give 100% in everything they do. WE ARE VISIONARIES.


The first episode: Road trip to Sardinia features Gautier Paulin, Loïc Bruni and Loris Vergier traveling together and sharing their vision on what fuels and fires them to exceed the limits of possibilities within their respective sports.

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Episode two features MTB riders Brook Macdonald and Thomas Genon as they push each other to learn new skills on their bikes, talk about overcoming injuries, and share their journey in the sport along with their passion to push forward to accomplish more.

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