Introducing the Hypercraft; Feel Nothing. See Everything.

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Designed in California, we worked with world-class runners and cyclists to perfect UltraCarbon, which can now help athletes from all walks of life feel nothing and see everything. By increasing the strength of the frame with UltraCarbon, our engineers were able to create a minimal frame design without compromising function. Superior ventilation, aerodynamics and a featherweight frame make Hypercraft a tremendous all-around performance optic that performs great on the trail, road or track.

UltraCarbon technology was developed to meet the demands of the 100% roster of world-class endurance athletes, including seven-time Tour de France points champion Peter Sagan. With the launch of Hypercraft, we are bringing its market-leading technology to a broader range of athletes, including runners, triathletes, and even professional baseball players. The Hypercraft design was originally conceived to create featherweight frames for runners, but once professional cyclists got their hands on it, they realized the light and sleek design allowed for better ventilation than anything we have tried before.

By weaving carbon into the nylon, 100% was able to reduce the amount of material needed in the frame to create a pair of featherweight sunglasses without sacrificing performance, safety and fit. Each pair features interchangeable ventilated lenses to prevent fogging and are available with 100% contrast-defining HiPER® lenses. Weighing in at an astonishingly light 23 grams, it’s no wonder Hypercraft has been a hit with the world’s best ultrarunners.

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