Katy Winton

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Nationality: Scottish
DOB: October 31, 1993
Residence: Scotland 
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 123 lbs
Years Riding: 17
Years Racing: 7
Series: Enduro World Series
Team: Trek


What was your most exciting win? 

- Winning the British Champs 2009 on home turf, I put a lot of preparation into it and it felt amazing have that pay off and win my first title... Even if I was only a youth. (U16)

Favorite race/venue? 

- Whistler, Rotorua, Tasmania, Colombia was amazing too!!

Favorite food? 

- Can’t go wrong with a good burger or some sushi.

 Favorite music? 

- It changes all the time I like to listen to all sorts, the only thing I don’t like is heavy metal. As I write this I’m listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen

Favorite TV shows? 

- Bodygaurd was an absolute fave, slowly getting through Game of Thrones... 

 Favorite spot?

- New Zealand


- Bike riding, sleeping and eating mostly... Haha! Love listening to music and I’ve been getting into audiobooks recently... But generally just live very quietly just training and resting. Before the racing madness takes over 

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