Bruce Klein


Bruce Klein

Written by: Spencer Rathkamp


Nationality: American
DOB: November 25, 1997
Pasadena, Ca
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Years Riding: 8
Years Racing: 7
Series: UCI Downhill World Cup




What was your most exciting win? 

Mammoth Mountain for the 2017 National series final. Finished first and won the PRO GRT overall title after a long season of racing!

Favorite race/venue? 

Gotta be the all out gnar of Val Di Sole, Italy

Favorite food? 

Steak and potatoes ma!

Favorite music? 

I like a bunch of music from all eras of Rock’n’Roll, old school rap or hip hop, and some chill jazz

Favorite TV shows? 

I don’t watch too much tv but anything funny that can hold my attention for a bit works out

Favorite spot? 

Pretty much all of So Cal! We’ve got it all with the mountains, beach, and desert


Riding bikes, ripping motos,  trying to learn something new, and goofing off with friends

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