When we were reborn in 2012, it was with the drive to deliver an exceptional goggle for moto and mountain bike riders. Today, we are a company that defies traditional categorization. We resonate with a wide variety of people passionate about function and style.

But, we’re also a technology company. Our designers put heart, determination and innovation into each design that bears our name. Our goggles and other eyewear are part of a family of goods that share the same distinctive DNA while delivering unique functionalities. Our helmets, gloves and protective gear deliver superior safety features in modern designs.

Our products have been recognized with industry design awards and consistently voted as consumer favorites. 100% has protected many of our products & key features with trademark, patent, trade dress, registered design and copyright.
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Our most recognizable protection may be the rights in our 100% bump. Use of this consistent shape on several goggle and sunglasses styles has created a “100% look”. The eyewear bump shape is visual information that communicates the origin of the goods, conveying our stringent style and safety standards.

No other producer of eyewear uses this distinctive bump, unless they are producing an unauthorized imitation. When our eyewear is in action; it may be splattered with mud or dirt - but the distinctive shape is still recognizable.

It takes unflagging passion and technical skill to advance past measurable achievements into uncharted territory to develop new purpose driven products.

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