Mathieu Van Der Poel


Mathieu Van Der Poel

Written by: Spencer Rathkamp


Nationality: Dutch
DOB: January 19, 1995
Kapellen, Belgium
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs
Years Riding: 18
Years Racing: 15
Series: UCI Cyclocross, UCI XC MTB


Mathieu Van Der Poel is one of the biggest talents of his generation: in today’s peloton, he is a rare athlete capable of winning major races across all disciplines. He recently announced that he would dedicate himself to cyclocross and mountain-bike racing through the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

“My intention is to go to the Olympic Games. That is the highest goal, and cyclocross is not an Olympic discipline. On the road you can also go to the Games, but it’s harder to be selected for that. I’ve already proven on the mountain bike that I can compete in a World Cup race. Whether it’s the same as the Games is hard to say. But I was not super professionally prepared for the World Cup. We can take another step with the right guidance.”

Mathieu has been riding with 100 percent eyewear since 2016.


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