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Our range of gloves offer everything from minimalist slip-on models, to gloves featuring enhanced protection with D3O technology. No matter what type of riding conditions you're planning to attack, our gloves have you handled with unmatched comfort and versatility. Find the glove for you!


 Whether you are a top-notch motocross or mountain bike racer or a weekend warrior, we offer a glove that fits your every need.

Start with the Airmatic and Ridefit gloves. Two gloves made specifically for the high demands of the toughest motocross athletes to cross over into any cycling needs. Take the velcro closure and be strapped in for a comfortable day out.


For the minimalist looking to get the maximum feel for their ride, we have the Sling and Celium gloves. These gloves are well ventilated  for the warmest days for a cool, calm and collected day on the bike.


For those who prefer a slip-on glove, we have the Ridecamp and iTrack gloves. A robust and strong option for a very traditional fit and function.


If you prefer to ride road bikes or cross country mountain bikes, a few popular options are the Exceeda and Sling SF gloves. Two short-fingered gloves for the ultimate feel of the levers, while still maintaining good coverage and protection.


Looking for more out of your gloves? Take a look at the Cognito, our most robust and defensive glove in the line. Made from the toughest materials, the Cognito also carries D3O protection in the knuckles for added safety. If you are looking for some added warmth, the Brisker family of gloves are made to keep your hands warm in the coldest temperatures and maintain good feel of the bars. The Brisker is available in Waterproof models as well!



Shop more gloves by browsing the entire collection!

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