250 Supercross Dominance - Sexton and Ferrandis go Back to Back

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Two different champions with two different approaches. One common goggle. The 250 Supercross season was undisputedly dominated by Chase Sexton and Dylan Ferrandis, who both took to the 2020 season with the number 1 plate from the previous season. Laying their trust in the Armega goggle to deliver UltraHD vision under all circumstances, the two raced to a near-flawless season deeming them back-to-back champions that only a few before have accomplished.

Congratulations Chase and Dylan!

From beginning to end, these champions ran the number 1 plate with a target on their backs. Every competitor was gunning to take the plate from them. Neither of these two waivered. Chase Sexton finished the season with 5 wins, more than any other 250 racer and Dylan Ferrandis finished with 3. They had a comfortable grasp on the points standings the entire time and entrusted the Armega goggle with helping them to see more of what matters.

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