100% Snow Goggles
The Norg

the mold

The Norg was purpose-built to meet the demands of snowboarders and skiers who shred various mountain terrain — in every condition mother nature can throw at them.

100% Snow Goggles
The Norg
The Norg Gravit8

Uncom­promising Performance

The Norg is equipped with superior lens changing capabilities utilizing our Gravit8™ magnetic system. Paired with our 3DPlane™ lens technology — which provides unparalleled structural integrity to the lens, while keeping the frame soft and comfortable — you’ll experience an unmatched lens-to-frame fit, with uncompromising performance.

100% Snow Goggles

Norg Features

Lens Changing System

Utilizes 8 magnetic touch-points providing easy lens changes with a secure fit

Molded Lens

Enables the lens to fit seamlessly to the goggle chassis with a uniquely robust structure

Lens Technology

Engineered for maximum protection while maintaining the clearest, most accurate vision

HiPER® Lens Contrasting Lens Technology

Filters out certain color wavelengths to create more contrast and detail

High Altitude Lens Technology

Alleviates lens distortion by releasing pressure at higher altitudes for uncompromised optics

Scratch and impact-resistant Lens

Hydro and oleophobic coatings keep your lens smudge, scratch, and moisture free

Dual-Pane, anti-fog Lens

Regulates the temperature between the 2 lenses to prevent fogging and keep your vision clear

Flexible goggle frame / multi-layer face foam

Engineered with moisture wicking micro-fleece maximizes comfort next to skin

OTG (Over the Glass) compatibility

Allows the goggle to fit comfortably over RX glasses without compromising fit, form, or function

Adjustable 50mm strap with slip resistant silicone

keeps the goggle secure in variable terrain and volatile environments

100% Snow Goggles
100% Norg / Gallery

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Norg Lens Technology

Adapt to all

CAT1 Overcast & Snow
HiPER Pink

Overcast & Snowing

HiPER Silver Flash Mirror
VLT: 41% S2
Base Tint: Smoke

HiPER Blue Flash Mirror
VLT: 48% S1
Base Tint: Smoke

HiPER Turquoise Mirror
VLT: 48% S1
Base Tint: Pink

CAT2 Cloudy & Partly Sunny
HiPER Copper

Cloudy & Partly Sunny

HiPER Grey-Green
VLT: 34% S2
Base Tint: Grey-Green

HiPER Copper Mirror
VLT: 31% S2
Base Tint: Deep Red

HiPER True Gold Mirror
VLT: 29% S2
Base Tint: Smoke

CAT3 Sunny & Partly Cloudy
HiPER Copper

Sunny & Partly Cloudy

HiPER Lavender Mirror
VLT: 12% S3
Base Tint: Dark Smoke

HiPER Blue Mirror
VLT: 12% S3
Base Tint: Vermilion-Rose

HiPER White Mirror
VLT: 12% S3
Base Tint: Smoke

CAT4 Bright & Sunny
HiPER Copper

Bright & Sunny

HiPER Red Vermillon
VLT: 8% S4
Base Tint: Vermilion-Rose

HiPER Violet Mirror
VLT: 10% S3
Base Tint: Copper

HiPER Green Mirror
VLT: 15% S3
Base Tint: Grey-Blue

HiPER Silver Mirror
VLT: 8% S4
Base Tint: Grey-Blue

100% Norg
Snow Goggle

Feature Overview

  • Gravit8™ Lens Changing System
  • 3DPlane™ Molded Lens
  • UltraHD® Lens Technology
  • HiPER® Lens Contrasting Lens Technology
  • High Altitude Lens Technology
  • Scratch & impact-resistant Lens
  • Hydro & oleophobic Lens coatings
  • Dual-Pane, anti-fog Lens
  • Flexible goggle frame
  • Multi-layer face foam
  • OTG compatibility
  • Adjustable 50mm strap
  • Spare HiPER® Lens
  • Microfiber bag