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Developed by our engineers in California and tested by our world famous riders, this is the most sophisticated Moto Goggle ever made. All the components come together to form the ultimate protection.

The Armega brings Ultra HD lens clarity to Motocross.

Experience definition and subtlety never before viewed through the lens of a goggle. Add to that our proprietary HiPER® contrast–enhancing lens technology and you’ll feel the depth of terrain as you’re commanding past it.

Ultra HD.

Our signature 100% Ultra HD lenses are the result of decades of passion, design, craftsmanship and research. Through extensive development and testing, we’ve engineered category defining technology bringing unmatched optical clarity to motocross. As the lens of choice for the worlds best racers, Ultra HD integrates with a shatterproof and impact resistant polycarbonate material molded specifically for zero optical distortion. The result is a lens that’s engineered to maximize protection while maintaining the clearest, most accurate vision on the track.

100% Ultra HD

See more.
Ride faster.

HiPER® Lens Technology

The HiPER® Lens is 100% proprietary high-definition lens technology that ramps up contrast, amps up colors and enhances detail so you miss nothing.

Sharper contrast

Filters rays that increase detail & definition for greater depth perception.

Better vision

Sharpens your surroundings, see more of what matters.

Peak color awareness

Color comes alive for unmatched perception.

Integrated 6-point
molded Locking Tabs


The 6-point locking-tab integration secures the lens and works in unison with a quick-change system enabling you to switch between lenses with a couple of simple clicks.

Next generation
Sweat Management


A bonded, dual-injected frame incorporates a next generation sweat management system that collects sweat as your ride intensifies and forces it away from the lens and out of the goggle through an integrated channel in the frame. Force air intakes in the frame promote increased airflow to ensure fog-free vision, despite heated efforts overcoming sub-par competition.

Marvin Musquin wearing the Armega.

100% Armega Goggle

The pinnacle of vision technology

  • Ultra HD – Injected high impact resistant Ultra HD optically correct lens
  • Integrated 6–point molded Locking Tabs – For maximum lens retention
  • Sealing – Full contour compression gasket for maximum lens sealing
  • Dual Push to lock & lift – To release security latches for maximum lens security
  • Fully bonded Dual Injection Frame – For maximum strength & durability
  • Hi-flow direct injected Air Intake Ports – For maximum humidity evacuation
  • Ultra-Wide Strap – With thick silicon bead for maximum grip
  • Plush 3D molded face foam – For maximum ergonomics and comfort
  • Fully perforated Triple Layer Face Foam – For sweat collection distribution
  • Next generation sweat collection management and drainage system
  • Hi-flow Air Intake Ports – with distribution up & around face foam for added cooling
  • Removable Nose Guard – for extra deflection against roost and debris
  • Supports Triple Post Racing Tear-Offs (Sold Separately)

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The Armega Video

Research &

Initial sketches incorporating desired features and general shape.

2D Tech Pack
Sketches converted to 2D tech pack used to produce first working models.

Air intake ports, ventilation exhaust and fitment.

Raw design direction
Wearable prototype for professional athlete testing; Sweat channel implementation; Enlarged locking latch.

DNA established design direction
Embossed lens with locking tabs; Enlarged and repositioned locking latches; Face flange curvature improvements.

Professional athlete testing
Wider outrigger placement for locking mechanism clearances with improved helmet fitment. Rigorous testing with Gautier Paulin.

Final protoype lens
6 Points locking tabs

Raw injection molded lens
Production lens output; Ultra HD

Injected frame and Lens
First sample injected molded frame; Lens cut with CNC machine for fitment calibration

Prototype components
Final design language; nose guard, outriggers, locking latches.

Raw unpainted fully injected goggle
final functionally test goggle; Implemented fully perforated face foam.

The Armega Riders