Speedcraft Air Claims Ironman France

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100% is proud to announce that in addition to Peter Sagan’s 2018 road-cycling successes, Frederik Van Lierde has brought home an Ironman win for the revolutionary performance sunglasses, the Speedcraft Air.

Van Lierde wore the Speedcraft Air during his impressive run, where he overtook Cameron Wurf and crossed the line first. “As you’ve seen I played my cards on the run, from the start I had a really good feeling,” Van Lierde said. “My first half marathon in 1:19 was great, the controlled and increased nose breathing made me feel very peaceful and in control. It definitely made a difference, I knew I could hold a fast pace until the finish.”

The Speedcraft Air, which aided Van Lierde in his 11 minute victory, was co-developed by Ludo Boinnard, CEO of 100% and Jim Castillo, Founder of AC Systems. It is the only eyewear in the world to feature the patented AC Systems breathing technology. The Speedcraft Air comes with magnetic nose stickers to secure and properly operate the system. The nasal dilator is adjusted by rotating a small dial in the center of the lens, and the magnetic arms can be opened or closed to control nasal dilation throughout a run or ride.

The advantages of variable nasal dilation are significant. Among other benefits, nose breathing filters, humidifies, and temperature controls the air you breathe better than mouth breathing. ” When you breathe in and out of your mouth you’re flooding your lungs with air and you also dehydrate — that’s not a good thing,” Castillo said. “The Speedcraft Air aides in correct breathing, not necessarily more breathing and definitely not harder breathing.”

Van Lierde, who started to use the Speedcraft Air only a month ago in his altitude training, now has his eyes set on returning strong this year to Kona. He also has plans to do further testing with his training team and get hard facts about the Speedcraft Air breathing benefits he has recently experienced.

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